Pin·e·co no 0018 Original - Pin·e·co - Renate Frotscher
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Add some whimsy playful and imaginative flair to your home decor with these unique ceramic artworks and designer toys.


Pin·e·co no 0018 Original

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Original Ceramic
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This little friend is number 18 one of 50 little ninja friends.

Handmade with high fire stoneware and hand painted with coloured engobes. Fired 2 times.

"In the small town of Millfield, there lived a little person who always wore a gasmask. They never took it off, not even for a second. The townsfolk whispered about why they wore it, and some even speculated that it was because of their own toxic farts. But no one dared to ask the little person about it. That was until the day the little person's house burned down, and they were trapped inside with no escape. The townsfolk rushed to save them, but as they pulled off the gasmask, they were met with a foul smell that made their eyes water and their stomachs turn. It was then that they realized the true reason behind the gasmask, and they all wished they had never found out."

Written by openAI

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Introducing the latest addition to the world of designer-toys:


Pin·e·co /pɛ̃œkɔ/ (Verlan) for copine (friend).

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.
Don’t miss out on this special and unique collection.
They look incredibly cute!

The Ceramic Original Pineco’s are numbered from 0001 to 00050 and are truly unique, sculpted and hand painted by me. Made from high fire stoneware they are suitable to go outside.

Each Ceramic Original has up to 100 numbered limited edition resin clones, 3d printed and also hand painted by me.

Limited edition Resin sculptures

Work in progress

Quality 3d printed black resin limited edition Pineco’s will be available soon. Each Pineco will have max. 50 clones. Pricing will be around 80 euro’s.

Unique Ceramic sculptures

The original sculpture. Which are scanned and transformed to resin sculptures and digital collectibles. They come carefully packed and tightly stuffed in a custom made tin can.

Digital collectible

Each sculpture is 3d scanned and optimised for VR/AR environments. In the tin can you will find a paper wallet with which you can claim up to 10 digital collectibles, to give away or sell on specialised marketplaces. You chose the rarebility.

Certificate of authenticity

On your certificate you can find the number, the year and month created, the approximate size in cm. And finally the artist signature.


What is a paper wallet?

A digital paper wallet is a way to store cryptocurrency offline, making it less vulnerable to hacking or theft. Each can has one paper wallet, the address is only known by me and by the owner of the sculpture.

How to I claim my digital sculpture

Navigate to the claim page written on the paper wallet.
Connect the paper wallet to a Metamask or other account, the claim is free but minting it to your wallet is not, you pay gas fee’s. Make sure you have transferred a little etherium to your paper wallet

What to do after claiming the sculpture or sculptures

First thing to do is to transfer the sculptures to another wallet or a hard wallet. DO NOT KEEP THE NFT’s IN THE PAPER WALLET!

How many open editions of my sculpture can I claim?

You can claim up to 10 editions. The scarcity is up to you. If you want to create a scarce Pin·e·co , a 1/1 , just claim 1 sculpture.

What can I do with the digital sculpture(s)

The digital sculptures come as glb collectibles, you can place them in a VR / AR galleries like, oncyber, …
You can sell the digital sculpture on a marketplace.
Find the ever growing gallery here on spatial

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