The ceramic experience

Dynamic NFT process from hump to ceramic artwork.

Collect a hump of clay and follow the creative process

If you collect a hump of clay you will be able to follow closely how 1500 grammes of clay turns into a ceramic sculpture through real-time updates.

In a timeframe of approximately one month, each time the clay changes its form, the NFT will be updated. This can be an image, a video or glb.

Follow the creative process from beginning to the end through real-time NFT updates.

The process starts when an unique (1/1) NFT’s is collected.

Within the timeframe of one sometimes two months, your hump of clay will go through several carefully orchestrated states. A lot can go wrong in this process, nothing is sure, the clay can crack or explode when not carefully handled or rushed and colours will change after each firing , this all will be part of the process, nothing guaranteed. If everything goes as planned you will be the proud owner of an irl sculpture and 3d cryptoart NFT . Ready to flaunt in the metaverse.

The why?

April 2022 I was commissioned by Lapin Mignon to create 17 ceramic rockets for her Mignonverse. I had complete artistic freedom and she asked me to record as much of the process as possible.

I was afraid to accept … so much can go wrong things can crack and explode, not at all being what I had in mind. Wise Lapin told me; “that is also part of the process and if it goes wrong… that’s a shame but so be it”.

I started creating and took her with me in the process, through video’s, scetches, photo’s, digital 3d object and finally we handed over the 17 ceramic rockets. It was so much fun to be a part of her unique world and to share whit her my creative process. Made me thing why not give other people the opportunity to experience the same? Project Hump was born, from 1500 grammes of clay to a ceramic sculpture!

I hope you enjoy the sculptures as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The (ceramic) process

The hump

To optimize the firing space 3 to 5 unique humps of clay will be minted at the same time.

The form

After the humps has changed owner the process begins. I will film the creation of …

The details

In this phase details will be added.


The longest phase, we have to wait till the sculpture is completely dry, otherwise it explodes during firing.

First firing 1000ºC

When the sculpture is really really dry we fire it so all details are fixed and fragile elements become sturdy.

Muffle furnace for firing ceramics in pottery workshop.


The sculpture gets a nice layer of colors. Which unfortunately hides all textures

Second firing 1000ºC

Most of the colours get fixed burned in the sculpture.

Colour Washing

To bring back some of the texture the sculpture gets a layer of contrasting colour which then will be washed off.

Final firing 1240ºC

Fixing all the colours and vitrification of the sculpture, so it can stand all kinds of weather.

IRL sculpture

When everything went well you will recieve a sculture to the given address


The NFT will no longer be updated , your wallet will have an GLB you can import in example: Oncyber Spatail, …


Can you speed up the process?

NO, not if you want a result.

What if I don’t like it?

You sell the NFT or use it as gift it to someone who does.

What If I don’t want to give my address to send the IRL to?

You give me the address of a ‘friend’ or use a package collection service with a fake address. All will be treated with outmost caution for you privacy.