AR / IRL Ceramic: The rainbow

This is a very unique NFT. It’s a real life object connected with AR. When you buy this token, you buy the real life ceramic object. I will send it to your address after communication.

Why is this token so special:

  • it’s a real life object, to hang on your wall or place it on a surface
  • it has an augmented reality layer, activated by the object and available via Instagram
  • one of a kind unique object

The object

  • interieur / exterieur
  • High fire stoneware
  • ±30 cm x 30 cm


+ AR

The AR layer available on Instagram @wwwwww_fr

How does it work:

1. go to instagram @wwwwww_fr or click on this link.

2. click on ‘the rainbow’ filter and swipe up.

3. let the camera face your ceramic object
(this works also on this image of the object)