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Pin·e·co no 0019 Original

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Original Ceramic
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This little friend is number 19 one of 50 little ninja friends.

Handmade with high fire stoneware and hand painted with coloured engobes. Fired 2 times.

"In the small town of Derry, there was a little person who loved to wear their dragon hoodie everywhere they went. But one day, as they were walking home from the library, they felt a chill run down their spine. Turning around, they saw a ghostly figure hovering in the air, a smirk on its face. It whispered something inaudible, and suddenly, the little person felt their dragon hoodie begin to tighten around their body, as if it was coming to life. Trembling with fear, they tried to run, but the hoodie had become a living, breathing dragon, and it wouldn't let them go. As the ghost cackled in the distance, the little person realized they were in for the fight of their life."

Written by openAI

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